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Apologetic Tips

  1. Do not be afraid if the argument seems to undermine your Faith and you do not have the immediate answer. The Truth will always make you free. Remember that the Catholic Church has been around over 2000 years.

  2. Pray for the Light of Truth and the intercessory help of the Blessed Mother.

  3. The first rule is to study the author biography, background and writings. What angle of thought does the author present?

  4. Get to know the opposition argument in detail, and capture it in printed form wherever possible.

  5. Analyse the opposition argument piece by piece to understand its premises, conclusion and evidence.

  6. Research Catholic Church position surrounding the argument. Apologetics materials abound on the Internet for reference.

  7. Study the language translations of words in the argument (eg sources reliable or can the Hebrew, Greek, Latin translations be misleading?)

  8. Study the logic of the argument. Is it a fallacious? Do you know fallacies?

  9. Has the proponent actually read all the material they are using against the Catholic Faith? Voltaire notably failed reading all Saint Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica

  10. Pose questions on Catholic Forum Bulletin Boards and Internet if you need help.

Topic of the Month
The Dating of the Gospels

For a long time there has been much controversy over the dating of the Gospels. Attempts have been continually made to undermine Catholic Faith through various methods of scripture analysis. This was particulary done through the exaggerated use of the Historical Critical Method of scripture scholarship. There has been much scholarship in recent decades which has shown the work of modernist scripture scholars on Gospel dating as defunct, as well as their obvious spurious conclusions. The encyclicals of various Popes which condemned these practices as far back as the 19th century, were, as expected, proven totally correct.

The scholarship for scientific dating of the Gospels now favours the long held view of them as representing actual written records of eyewitness accounts. We encourage readers to study the attached recommended reading to see how far things have come in this area. No longer will later incorrect dating of the Gospels undermine Catholic Faith. It is now in fact verifying what has always been held about them. Many will be surprised to learn that redactions of the Gospels into Hebrew has often resulted in the conversion of Jewish scholars into Catholicism over the centuries.

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Useful Sources

Contemporary Catholic Biblical Scholarship:
Certitudes Or Hypotheses?

by Father Michael Wren

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The Emperor Has No clothes

Summary from St Charles Borromeo Library

The Hebrew Christ
by Claude Tresmontant

The Four Gospels. Translated into Hebrew
by William GREENFIELD in 1831.
Introduction par Jean CARMIGNAC

Birth of the Synoptics
by Father Jean Carmignac

Jesus of Nazareth
by Pope Benedict XVI

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by RT Forum

Catholic Biblical Scholarship
by Peter D. Brown

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