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Apologetic Tips

  1. Do not be afraid if the argument seems to undermine your Faith and you do not have the immediate answer. The Truth will always make you free. Remember that the Catholic Church has been around over 2000 years.

  2. Pray for the Light of Truth and the intercessory help of the Blessed Mother.

  3. The first rule is to study the author biography, background and writings. What angle of thought does the author present?

  4. Get to know the opposition argument in detail, and capture it in printed form wherever possible.

  5. Analyse the opposition argument piece by piece to understand its premises, conclusion and evidence.

  6. Research Catholic Church position surrounding the argument. Apologetics materials abound on the Internet for reference.

  7. Study the language translations of words in the argument (eg sources reliable or can the Hebrew, Greek, Latin translations be misleading?)

  8. Study the logic of the argument. Is it a fallacious? Do you know fallacies?

  9. Has the proponent actually read all the material they are using against the Catholic Faith? Voltaire notably failed reading all Saint Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica

  10. Pose questions on Catholic Forum Bulletin Boards and Internet if you need help.

Apologetics Topic

Errant mistranslation of "subsistit" in Vatican II documents

We would like to highlight an extract written by a Catholic priest on the translation abuse of the english word "subsists" in translated documents of the Vatican II Council.

Extract Begins::

"Furthermore the Vatican II Council added, the visible assembly - the human element of the indivisible Church "subsists" [english translated] in the Roman Catholic Church "which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him."

The texts of the Council discussions make it clear that the bishops deliberately used the Latin word "subsistit" to affirm as strongly as possible that there is only one Church of Christ, and it is concretely the Roman Catholic Church. Elsewhere, in the same context, the Council document asserts the complete identification of the Church Christ founded with the Roman Catholic Church. The meaning of "subsistit" is unequivocally basic and simple; it means "exists",
"is to be found"

This Latin term is NOT the equivalent of the English word subsists, which has acquired three or four different meanings not part of the Latin term from which the English term is only derived. Either Modernist Liberation Theologians were bad Latinists or they assumed everyone else was. They pounced upon that word "subsistit" and gave it a new modern meaning more congenial to their purposes.

The Council, the Modernist [heretic] theologians insisted, did not use a word such as "is", which in their opinion would mean "is perfectly identified with". The Council used a word, the periti said in a subtle mistranslation, that means "to subsist". Now that, they went on to compound their translation error with a dogmatic error, can only be a recognition by the Council that, while substantially the Church is to be found within the Roman Catholic tradition, other equally authentic and true parts of Christ's Church are to be found outside the tradition-cheek by jowl with it, perhaps, but certainly outside of it.

[paraphrased to remove names] - In the words of one Modernist minded theologian, the phrase [sic] "subsists in" which means "is rooted in" or "dwells within but is not limited to" was carefully chosen. It means that the one true Church of Jesus Christ is found within the Catholic Church but is not limited to it. Either these theologians are in need of a remedial course in Latin, and in the reading of Church documents, or like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, they are content to re-define whatever they wish as they wish.

End of Extract Quote

The same errant redefining of terms was also applied to the phrase "the people of God"." You can read Father Malachi Martin's book further on this topic.

Extract taken from:
The Jesuits - by Father Malachi Martin, p322-333

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The Jesuits
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