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Channel 31 Schedule

Current Program Format

Morning 10:00am - 11:00am
Sun - Variety Selection

Upcoming EWTN Programs

Standard Programming may vary
due to the following reasons:

1. Missing or duplicate programs
2. Satellite Signal Interference
3. Late breaking interuptions
4. Occasional program changes

Programming Guidelines
  1. Our aim is to provide South East Queensland with a fresh weekly taste of Catholic Television

  2. We provide critical service to the poor and elderly who cannot afford or access EWTN on satellite dish

  3. We focus on community issues wherever possible

  4. We provide non-Catholics instructive programming.

  5. We do not undercut the flourishing satellite dish industry in our community, but promote EWTN on Satellite Dish.
  • South East Queensland has outstripped Australia with 75% uptake of EWTN on satellite dish installation.

  • Thousands now enjoy EWTN Television 24 hours a day live via satellite dish

Our Services
Want EWTN Satellite Dish?

Help RCTA rebroadcast EWTN?

RCTA works with EWTN Asia Pacific Management and rebroadcasts EWTN satellite programming on Channel 31 Free-To-Air community UHF Analogue and also Channel 31 Free-to-Air Digital Television in Brisbane.

Channel 31 reaches a potential TV population base of 2 to 3 million viewers in Brisbane and Greater South East Queensland.

The diagram shows how we rebroadcast EWTN programming to you.

             EWTN PacRim Satelite Information

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