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Dish Providers

EWTN Satellite Dish
Phone: (07) 3342 5399
Specialise in SE Queensland

If you are an EWTN provider for South East Queensland please e-mail us and we will add your details to the list of satellite providers above.

Please add you signal comments and feedback on the PacRIM BlogSpot for EWTN Asia Pacific Management.

EWTN PacRIM Satellite BlogSpot

How to get EWTN Satellite Dish in Queensland?

There are several Satellite Dish installers in South-East Queensland. Whilst RCTA does not recommend any particular EWTN provider, we list a few contacts for your convenience of the left handside of this page as a start point.

EWTN Signal is available via IntelSat 8 C Band and Optus D2 Ku Band.

C Band dishes are larger and range from 2.3 metres to 3 metre diameter for high quality signal.

Ku Band Dishes are smaller and the best quality is achieved with a 60cm to 80cm diameter.

EWTN Satellite Signal is provided free and unencrypted, but donations to help EWTN pay for this signal would be greatly appreciated.

EWTN PacRIM Satellite Details

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     ABN: 57 264 773 388
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C-Band Dish verses Ku Band

Kansat 3m Intelsat 8 C-Band Dish
Kansat 3m Intelsat C-Band Dish

Kansat Optus B3 Ku Band Dishes
Kansat Optus B3 Ku Band Dishes